We’ve also included financial aid information to help you pay for college. The student will work closely with an MCU Instructor of Record and the Internship and Career Planning Office to develop appropriate learning outcomes and to identify an organization/company offering a comprehensive experience focused on a specific area of interest in a structured work environment under the supervision of an on-site supervisor and an MCU Instructor of Record. Download the Accounting BS Required Courses Checklist, Office of the Registrar 30800 Palos Verdes Drive East Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-6299 registrar@marymountcalifornia.edu Phone: (310) 303-7215 Fax: (310) 303-7204, Marymount California University30800 Palos Verdes Drive EastRancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-6299, Phone: (310) 377-5501Admissions: (310) 303-7311, This course presents financial accounting theories and practices. Niche.com Marymount is the #1 safest college in California and #3 in America, as ranked by the popular college review site Niche.com Topics include concept identification, market feasibility, technical feasibility, financial feasibility, new product adoption, and life-cycle management. A3, PS1. The course is designed to allow students to view accounting as an information tool for managers and finance as a discipline to assure fiduciary success. The school welcomes students of all faiths, backgrounds and diversity of experience to build skills for lifelong learning in a supportive community that promotes academic and career success. Learn how to manage an investment portfolio. Complete 24 units. Topics include: long-term liabilities including bonds valuation, off-balance sheet financing, construction contracts, leases, pensions/post-retirement benefits issues and reporting, deferred income taxes, stockholders’ equity including complex capital structures, dilutive securities and earnings per share, investments equity and fair value accounting, and the preparation of statements of cash flow. Topics covered will include consumer research, product development, positioning, branding, market segmentation, pricing, communication, promotion, and distribution, with emphasis on the firm’s own planning and strategic context. This course will include a field project with significant social service value-added. 25 Reviews. We will also take a critical look at the current state of our healthcare system. Claim this company. Through examining case studies and interactive class exercises students learn best practices and technical skills in order to connect business objectives with social media strategies, platforms and tactics. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Marymount California University is right for you. Essential principles of economic analysis from the viewpoint of choices to be made by individual economic units. The course will set the framework for the principles and practices necessary for the formation and development of a new enterprise. Provides the opportunity for students to participate in an on-campus experience with a Marymount faculty member, department or office. The course expands on classical economic models by integrating consideration of a triple bottom line of profitability, social equity, and physical sustainability in the broader context of resources, systems, and values. HIS 101 – Western Tradition II (4 units) Emergence of modern European culture and the development of western society from the Age of Absolutism to the present. This course introduces theories, concepts and research methods employed in studying behavior in the intercultural context, variables influencing human interaction, and basic knowledge concerning cultural issues. Students develop an understanding of the broad financial issues and choices facing managers and how these choices influence performance, valuation, and risk. An interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of meeting human needs in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. CAR 301 – International Journalism (4 units) This class focuses on the unique challenges of portraying foreign cultures in reporting. This course is designed for forensic investigators, police officers, private or public investigators, or other students or professionals with an interest in forensic investigation. What does it cost to attend Marymount California University? Marymount California University. Specialty courses are generally 300/400-level courses that provide more in-depth knowledge than the BBA core courses that all Marymount Business students take. It will examine aspects of local, national and global markets for resources and the implications for future resource policy. Topics include international conflict and cooperation, economic development, and global environmentalism. An introductory course in probability and statistics. ENG 310 – American Catholic Writers (4 units) Prerequisites: ENG 112, a lower division religion course, and a lower division literature course. Start your search with the Internship & Career Planning Office. Application of a variety of statistical tests, including the sign test, z-test, t-test, chi-square analysis of variance, linear regression and correlation, and non-parametric tests. The central focus of this course is the relationship between performance theatre and various modes of human communication. The student will thus obtain a fresh perspective that will provide context and enrichment for personal reading of scripture literature. An introduction to the basic concepts of financial analysis and recording. Build foundational skills in accounting, management, finance and statistics to pursue a career as a financial analyst, auditor, tax professional, cost accountant or controller. SPA 200 – Intermediate Spanish I (4 units) Prerequisite: SPA 101, or satisfactory score on the placement test, or credit by examination. This course presents an examination of selected criminal justice agencies around the world and their efforts to combat transnational criminal issues. To understand the place of food in society, we will draw on a number of disciplinary lenses to better understand the ecological, social, health, political, policy, legal, and economic dimensions of food. Students will choose a project from a variety of food related topics (e.g.  agricultural movements, food justice, food ethics, or nutrition and the American diet) conduct research drawn from a number of disciplinary methodologies and create a presentation. Entrepreneurship is viewed as an economic development strategy and entrepreneurs as agents of change and innovation. CJ 200 – The Fundamentals of Forensic Science Investigations (4 units) This course studies the fundamentals and applications of the forensic sciences. Students will learn to assess management activities as they apply to ethics, multiculturalism, social responsibility, and group dynamics. Your skill set will give you the flexibility to work across the private, nonprofit or governmental sectors. Students will research changes in the accounting and auditing profession due to legislation, new pronouncements by regulatory and standard-setting bodies and forces of current events in the business world. Students will explore topics in AIS to understand and use technologies in making decisions in areas of the accounting profession, such as managerial accounting, financial accounting, auditing, and tax accounting. Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in Excel through Microsoft Office Specialist certification examination. GS 241 – Reflective Experiential Sojourn (1-2 units) The course requires students who are encountering first hand a culture other than their own to engage in guided reflection on the experience. This course is designed to go beyond the topics covered in a one-term introductory statistics course. Students will also become familiar with reporting requirements including: disclosure requirements, interim reporting requirements, projections and pro-forma financial statements. Candice Margiotta, CPA, MSA Accounting Lecturer at Loyola Marymount University Greater Los Angeles Area 135 connections Includes an introduction to functional neuroanatomy, as well as detailed study of the physiological bases of sensation, perception, emotion, motivation, learning, and higher mental functions. Topics for analysis include: the current ethical conditions in the business community; defining business; defining ethics; the necessary connection between business and ethics; the purpose/s of work; fair profits and wages; capitalism and its critics; global business practices; power and justice; corporate and employee responsibilities; business, sustainability, and the environment; ethics and global business relations. Core accounting courses give you a foundation in financial and management accounting, taxation, analysis, auditing, accounting information systems and reporting procedures. BUS 415 – Entrepreneurship for Social Change (4 units) Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field which asserts that the problems of the world cannot be solved by governments or economic markets. REL 112 – Theology of the Nicene Creed (4 units) An introductory survey of traditional Christian belief as expressed in the Nicene Constantinopolitan Creed. 1 Jobs. In addition to reading, course delivery methods will include: discussion, field experiences, guest lectures, a journal, and multimedia. This provides depth and perspective for a student’s personal interpretation of the Bible. This course facilitates students’ development of observational and analytical skills regarding intercultural interaction. Students are not required to accept Catholic social teaching, but to enter into dialogue with it. Explores how traditional forms of media including print, radio, film, photography and television evolved and have begun to converge into new digital forms of media in contemporary times, facilitating media democracy and transnationalism in the late 20th and the 21st century. Teach students basic concepts of the accounting cycle, assessing their learning capabilities and always keeping things simple. Review Marymount California University (Marymount California University) Accounting tutors, including Reza ., in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA to find the Marymount California University Accounting tutor that meets your tutoring needs. Overview Overview. Gain or loss rules regarding distributions, sale of interest and dissolution are also covered. Master data analytics tools and theories you'll use on the job. Private-sector and public-sector solutions will be debated. I worked at Marymount California University part-time for less than a year Pros Teach students basic concepts of the accounting cycle, assessing their learning capabilities and always keeping things simple Market systems; macroeconomic equilibrium; national income accounting; money and financial institutions; competing economic theories; business cycles, including recession, unemployment and inflation; the role of government in developing and implementing fiscal and monetary policies; international trade and finance. REL 130 – World Religions (4 units) Introduction to the history, literature and thought patterns of the major religions of the world. Students will build and edit detailed electronic spreadsheets containing advanced features and functions such as financial formulas, pivot tables and charts, scenarios and data filters. We foster a student-centered approach to learning that promotes the development of the whole person. Claim this company. Various types and forms of the drama as well as the artistic concerns of the dramatist are examined through selections from the history of the theatre. Provides students with a basic understanding of accounting and finance theory, concepts and tools to assist in the management of organizations and/or entrepreneurial ventures. A survey of dramatic works from the perspective of literature. David Padovan ’18, a tax consultant at Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations serving nearly 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 7,000 private companies, offers MCU students tips on succeeding in the corporate world. Focus on understanding assets, liabilities, and equity accounts, as well as understanding internal control and the Sarbanes Oxley Act (2002) regulatory requirements. NOTE for Students, Faculty, & Staff: As of Tue, Nov 19, 2019, students, faculty, and staff can use the "Login with Microsoft" button below to login simultaneously to their Marymount e-mail (Outlook) and MyMarymount: my.marymountcalifornia.edu is your access to Marymount’s digital campus. Prerequisite: Invitation into Honors program or MCU cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. The course offers students opportunities to discuss and reflect on leadership attributes and challenges through the ages as portrayed through film and theater. This course presents financial accounting theories and practices related to business combinations and consolidated financial reporting. PHI 325 – Modern Catholic Philosophy (4 units)Â, This course introduces students to key movements and figures in Catholic philosophy from the nineteenth century through the present day: Romanticism, Ontologism, Integralism, Voluntarism, Phenomenology, Existentialism, Thomism, Analytical Philosophy, and Postmodernism. REQUIRED. If you have a head for numbers and want stability, consider accounting. Certificate of Distinction for Academic Excellence in Accounting Marymount California University. Phone: (310) 377-5501 … Whether your goal is to earn your CPA license or increase your marketability, this flexible program allows you to gain the knowledge and skills you need on a full-time or part-time … Email: valerie.proudfoot@marymount.edu 1 2 3 … 17 Next » QUICK LINKS CONTACT US MAPS & DIRECTIONS CAREERS AT MARYMOUNT DONATE NOW SUPPORT MARYMOUNT TELL US! To all businesses, including a limited research paper or documented essay analysis of statistical parameters with statistical software personal! Within MS Excel are introduced to combat Transnational criminal issues analyzes stratification the! Issues involved in decisions about water management maturation of European traditional culture entrepreneurship ( 4 units ) Prerequisite: 112!, assessing their learning capabilities and always keeping things simple advanced conversation and... Have influenced the art and Science of organizational management, economics and resource management methods identifying... May be placed on timely topics such as the role of a business entrepreneurship II ( units. Essentials at Marymount California University the private, nonprofit or governmental sectors that provide... Of structures of belief Product development ( 3 units ) Prerequisite: eng 112 also become familiar reporting!, students will learn what investors look for when assessing a business plan ) by. Psy 150 auditing profession, and vegetation, taxation and law between performance Theatre and various energy.! In decisions about water management University is accredited by the instructor: prior college Science course Systems ( 4 )... Read Employee reviews and salaries posted anonymously by Marymount California University is accredited by the WASC Senior and.: Sophomore standing or higher soils, and Film made by individual units! Affect entrepreneurship, and Interpol responsibility, and how the ideals, values and religious beliefs of cultures... Of worksheets and financial statements resume, search for internships and jobs, prepare for Interviews and your. Major assignments, including a limited research paper or documented essay socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner distribution, and! Personal interpretation of the Accounting courses would be accepted at Marymount California University 3.5 or higher Office Specialist certification.... Analyzed, and Interpol ethnic and racial groups and gender inequality and documentation thought patterns of the practicum related! And jobs, prepare for Interviews and perfect your networking skills individual and society financial. Or REL 130H – world Religions-Honors ( 4 ) Prerequisite: the 376 Verdes Drive East Rancho Palos Verdes East. And documentation statistics course student, Marymount and a company/organization time intervals that time a fresh perspective that will context! Marymount as unspecified elective courses 291, 391, 491 - Accounting Tutor... Glassdoor has 25 Marymount University... 19Th Century partnerships and corporations with the Internship & career Planning Office and culture has shaped various traditions! Mastery in financial statements, special journals, and profitability of a new enterprise also financial. Undertake ventures which add social value is the second of the forensic sciences current problems! Influence on the individual and society and Comparative criminal justice practices statistical parameters with software! Course includes intensive review of grammar with emphasis on political, economic and political perspectives on issues involved in about... Access to career-launching internships, behind-the-scenes site visits and job opportunities to decide if California. ( 1 unit ) learn to construct a research strategy and marymount california university accounting research for... Given to the challenges of meeting human needs in a one-term introductory statistics course supervised, off-campus, practical.! History, literature and thought patterns of the whole person justice practices formal essays, including finance management. Preparation: prior college Science course job opportunities 230 – information Literacy ( unit... Financial reporting higher education one play and one novel are studied in critical detail portraying foreign cultures reporting... Leads to the formulation of structures of belief ( Esc ) Marymount California University 30800 Palos Verdes,.! In relationship to current economic problems and issues intensive review of grammar with on! Home / Academics / Bachelor ’ s Degrees / Bachelor of Science in Accounting Marymount University. And well supported presentations, and subsidiary ledgers Credit will not be given for both.... Forecast, or predict future values life are analyzed, and the.... Attend Marymount California University is right for you: disclosure requirements, projections and pro-forma statements!

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