Sonic Who is Better; MARIO oder SONIC? boybato 2989d ago . But the less said about it the better. Mario is really really really slow, but sonic is like 1,000,000,000,000 times faster than Mario and sonic's theme songs are way better than mario's. Mario Party and the almighty Mario Kart have become two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises in their own right; both have been effortlessly destroying friendships forever for decades now. Sonic, There are 9000 REASONS!!! Which game has the better music, Super Mario Bros 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Some of this may be because Nintendo play things a little too safely with their flagship series, but the bottom line is that you almost always know you can rely on a Mario title. Tails_Fan12 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr: view results | next poll >> Sonic More Polls. Sonic's girlfriend is a pink cat. who is better sonic or mario? 0 0 0. things get increasingly more obscure with the generic anthropomorphic animals from there. Report Post . Who is the better character and who has the better games? - Sonic Fanboy, Sega pessimist . They both suck They both rock too much to say Be honest. Add a New Poll Add to My Favorites Debate This Topic; Report This Topic; Mario. Ce topic a été locké, vous ne pouvez plus y poster de message. As we’ll see later, the franchise’s star has waned in a big way. That’s a super subjective question, but we’re going to take a shot at answering it anyway. Who is better sonic or Mario? 3 years ago. Hope is surpasses N64 anyways, which wouldn't be hard. Remember Alex Kidd? Today, though, the story’s a little different. If they don't wanna choose then because they hate both series...why are they even here? vor 9 Jahren. In the end it all comes down to what YOU like better, not what other people think. Keith Schmidth. Even so, for our money, Mario trumps Sonic, especially in terms of consistency. 4. Favourite answer. do you like cream the rabbit? Both series have made dramatic changes to the established formula, which is always very bold. I mean, c'mon! Pick one: Mario: Sonic: Both. Member since: May. When it comes to platforming mascots (or games company mascots in general), Sonic is quite possibly the only legitimate rival Mario has ever had. Whos better Sonic Or Mario. We all know Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and the like, sure, but things get increasingly more obscure with the generic anthropomorphic animals from there. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, 10 Games You Forgot That Came Out In 2020. Mario. offline. Both. Now, this one might be a little controversial, but we’ll do what we can to explain. Also look at the Coola RPG, 6206 pts ★ Coureur. Mephiles The Dark, of 2006's Sonic the Hedgehog, is one example. New Topic Respond to this Topic « Return to General | All Forums. 10 Craziest Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog, FIFA 21: 5 Rating Upgrades That Make No Sense (& 5 That Do), Genshin Impact: Everything We Know About Alice So Far, Cyberpunk 2077: 5 Best Areas Of Night City (& 5 Not To Bother With), Pokemon: 5 Grass-Types That Are Overrated (& 5 That Are Severely Underrated), NBA 2K21: The 10 Best Small Forwards In The NBA (According To Overalls), The 10 Unevolved Pokemon with the Highest Attack Stat, 10 Hidden Plotlines Everyone Missed In Spider-Man: Miles Morales, 10 Warhammer 40K & Warhammer Fantasy Games Every Fan Should Play, 10 Things You Should Know About The World Ends With You, NBA 2K21: The 10 Best Power Forwards In The NBA (According To Overalls), Skyrim: 10 Of The Best Utility Mods, Ranked, In-Game Vs. d0m1nated14. who is better mario or sonic. Who's better? I love Super Mario 1-3 and Mario RPG, but Mario kinda lost his continuity after a few games. ^^'' And I havn't played Mario 64. Nomad. Sonic tries to spice up the plot. The rest are thousands of puzzle games, sports games, party games and whatever game you can think of putting Mario and his buddies in. Absolutely. Yeah, but does Mario 64 has some kind of final boss or do you just throw Bowser into the lava by his tail again? It was another six years before Sonic made his debut, in 1991 Sega Genesis title Sonic the Hedgehog. Aside from the fluffy orange icon, though, the supporting characters of the Sonic the Hedgehog cast aren’t especially memorable. Was there ever an ending or some kind of final battle with Bowser? is the choice you want missing? Relevance. no one is better than the italian plumber who was made by japanese guys who could speak english and looks like a mexican. 0 0. 1 2 3. supershadowx2001. If they were in a physical fight, who would win? 14 Answers. Episode 6 - We compare Mario video games to Sonic video games. 14 Antworten. Point: Sonic. *runs madly as they chase her down and beat the living crap outta her*. Anonym. Mario definetly, hes's been around alot longer and is a classic figure to anyone in this world. Who is better, Sonic or Mario? masterdad wanted to get everyone's opinion on who is better: Mario or Sonic (at least that's what I think). On the other is Yuji Naka’s Sonic. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Mario is 10 years older than Sonic, he first appeared in Donkey Kong, even tho he wasnt called Mario back then, but Jumpman or Mr Video Game.. Home Improvement, United States. Everybody’s opinions are going to be totally different when it comes to each of the entries on this list, which is completely fine. As most gamers know, the first video game to feature Nintendo’s main man was Donkey Kong, which hit arcades in 1981. Mario 3/5 Sonic 3/5. But I do like Sonic better, even tho he didnt have a good game since Sonic Adventure 2.. Not exactly. *blink* between Mario and Sonic? Sonics enemy is a fat man with Asperger's. Though well known sonic is not world renouned and sonic makes crappy games nowadays anyway while mario is still cool and funy to play. And if people don't want to choose between characters, they can choose between series. Farmer. It's really hard to decide if you like them both :( Please explain!! It's a tie. Posted July 4, '08 7:56pm UTC. Both Mario and Sonic have experienced plenty of them over the course of their long careers, but Sonic has definitely suffered more in this regard. Let's find out! Log in to reply to the answers Post; Anonymous. I love Super Mario 1-3 and Mario RPG, but Mario kinda lost his continuity after a few games. Equally inevitably, some are going to be pretty darn good and others are going to be… decidedly not. What duet would you be more interested in seeing preform a song? Sonic is so much better than Mario. Sonic certainly still has that star power, but is his series still the force to be reckoned with that it was in Sega’s console days? That's more of a Nintendo is better than Sega argument than a Mario is better than Sonic one. No, neither do we. Here's why might Sonic wins in a fight & why he might lose. Coola- Who is the only one worthy enough to rule the world? My favorite Mario game is that one...You know, where you can get all the different color Yoshis and such. Mario was the starting of Nintendo as Sonic is NOT from Nintendo, hes from Sega and was created as a counterattack to Nintendo's mario. 2. Luigi Dawg. Reality: What Life Is Strange Characters Look Like In Real Life, The 8 Best UFC Games Ever (& The 6 Worst), Pokémon: 7 Ridiculous Gen I Rumors People Actually Believed (& 7 That Actually Turned Out To Be True), Fallout New Vegas: 10 Great Quests You Likely Missed, Rust: 10 Most Useful Resources (& Where To Find Them). Which franchise is truly better, though? Relevanz. Who is better: Mario or Sonic? 51 Answers. États-Unis. The Mario games often take a slower, more methodical and considered approach, while Sonic has always (as he’ll tell you himself) gotta go fast. no. 3rd code pinewood computer core; the value of 2x+1 is 20 greater than 8x+5? His heart will always belong to the Sega Genesis. Great games? They’re both platformer heroes at heart, though their home series are decidedly different in tone and style. Forums → Games → Mario vs. sonic: Who is better? Posted by: HiJackedGaming. Before that, it was the Arabian Nights-inspired Sonic and the Secret Rings. When it comes to the big screen, however, Mario has actually beaten Sonic to the punch with the Super Mario Bros. Movie released way back in 1993. Ahh the age old question. Well, since I've played a lot more of the Sonic games than the Mario ones and since I just like Sonic better, I guess I'll say him. Here’s yet another tough call. 10 Best Sonic The Hedgehog Characters Of All Time, Ranked, The 10 Most Underrated Mario Kart Tracks In History, Ranked. 13485 pts ★ Champion. In schoolyards around the world, friendships were won and lost over the sides we took in the great Nintendo or Sega debate. As with Capcom’s storied Resident Evil titles, Sega’s franchise has lost its way a little in recent years. AHAHH! Sure it was fancy and it's the first ever 3D scrolling game or whatever you wanna call it, but what was the point? This is a hard decision but im gonna have to go with sonic i mean Cmon he gets the chaos emeralds and its like he goes super sayien. Innovation comes in many forms, from Mario’s inspired level design to talking swords and Sonic Unleashed’s Sonic the Werehog. Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are both indelible gaming/pop culture legends. Antwort Speichern. I kinda saw like some kind of thing where you have all the stars throughout the entire game and it seems in each world or whatever you could throw Bowser into the lava. Just becuase the supporting characters and back story are cooler. Lv 7. I forgot the name though. Tweet. Point: Mario. Likewise, Sonic’s stages don’t tend to be geared towards tricky jump sections and such, which experienced Mario fans love conquering. Sonic the Hedgehog who is better? One of the biggest sellers of all time I think. Sonic. Beste Antwort. Mario's enemy is a giant turtle who kidnaps his girlfriend. New and different ones? Sonic Lost World does Super Mario Galaxy's job better because it's Sonic go ahead and add it! There are few rivalries in the history of gaming as iconic as Sonic vs. Mario. well mario 64 was more a release game,to move mario onto the basically had to save yoshi and peach,as usual.but besides that,it WAS one of teh best of it's time.and Luigi DOES star in his own game,for gamecube. Sometimes horrible, experimental failures that were soon ditched, but still bold. Mario’s own franchise isn’t beyond reproach, not by a long shot. 3 years ago. I would choose to play Super Mario bros over Sonic anyday because I just like the gameplay and storyline better. Posted June 27, '08 5:50am UTC. When you trawl through the annals of each series, though, the more obscure villains of the Sonic franchise may just have a little something more up their sleeves than those of the main Mario series. He basically has Mario 1,2,3, Super Mario World and Mario 64. Posted by: Psycho_Rudd. Why? waluigi_flame_runner. Added by MattTheLynxX. Since they are different species, that is ****ed up. Now don't get me wrong. Comment . When he isn't gaming, Chris will usually be found catching up on the latest and greatest movies, whether at the theater or at home. As beloved as the Mario titles are, as close to perfecting that gleeful, cartoony platforming formula as they’ve come, as astoundingly creative as the level designs can be, the stories of the games tend to be sorely lacking. Notify me about new: He basically has Mario 1,2,3, Super Mario World and Mario 64. Naturally, when it comes to ranking one beloved franchise about the other, there are going to be tough, controversial decisions to be made. Depending on how you look at it, then, the Mario titles have been doing the rounds for a full decade longer than the Sonic series (or at least six years). Some of this may be because Nintendo play things a little too safely with their flagship series, but the bottom line is that you almost always know you can rely on a Mario title. Sonic is cool because of his speed, but mario is cooler, can do more things, and has better games. Anonym. He is AWESOME!! So. offline. Mario's girlfriend is a princess. So there you go! When it comes to general gameplay, we’ve opted for another tie. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Answer Save. Do you know the correct answer? vor 1 Jahrzehnt. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game.. 70 likes. Thumbs up if you add a reason for your opinion. Words like “rehash” have been creeping into the conversation more and more. I don't know which is actually better or not but I just know more about Sonic so I'll say him. He was GODLY power-ups, while Mario's just trolling around in … However long-running and iconic a franchise may be, there are always ups and downs. Coola's Board Room. 22: 4622: Report. ! Mario is a classic, Sonic is sort of a neo-classic. Ninjadude posted over a year ago: view results | next poll >> Sonic the Hedgehog More Polls. Tails! Check out this forum for info or opinions on DBZ/GT, the KOF series and other anime/fighting games. Also look at the Coola RPG. Agree 4 Disagree 0 -+ SPAM Inappropriate. Point: Tie. He was AWESOME music, unlike Mario's Taliban-ish music..... 4. Beste Antwort. Mario ovvy. In their 90s heydays, it would have been quite tough to pick out one or the other as the most popular. Mario for nowadays Sonic for classic days . RELATED: The 10 Most Underrated Mario Kart Tracks In History, Ranked. The rest are thousands of puzzle games, sports games, party games and whatever game you can think of putting Mario and his buddies in. Who is better: Mario or Sonic? And besides, Marios got style. Sonic or Mario? While he's an ardent fan of video games, regardless of platform, he specializes in retro games. The classic titles fans remember have been left behind, in favor of more ‘creative’ entries that have strayed from everything the series used to be. Sonic 2 Super Mario 3 Don't remember/haven't played them Who's the better sidekick, Luigi or Tails? Report Post. Needless to say, you can’t have a long-running video game franchise without a whole array of spin-offs popping up along the way. Chris is a freelance video game journalist and entertainment writer from a small town in England. 765 - Mario. I am N64 biased because of it's steer towards littler kids. Antwort Speichern. Le 13/05/2020 à 18:19:27. I'm kinda voting for Sonic. If your passion for gaming started to develop as you grew up in the 90s, you’ll remember those heady days well. Pick one: Sonic, best ever hedgehog! That’s not a boast that Sonic has been able to make of late. Check out this forum for info or opinions on DBZ/GT, the KOF series and other anime/fighting games. Lv 5. vor 1 Jahrzehnt. Mario, first fictional plumber! RELATED: The Mario Series: The 10 Best-Selling Games Of All Time. Can anyone tell me what was the point of Mario 64? Answer Save. sonic by far i mean look at dat smex . As any fan of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will tell you, Tails is one of the greatest sidekicks in gaming history and demands to be respected as such (in his modest Tails way, that is). vor 5 Jahren. Join now. WAIT DONT ATTACK ME AHHH!! Which do you prefer: Sonic, Shadow, or Silver? Make money answering questions! Save Cancel. Big the Cat has become a meme in his own right at this point, for all the wrong reasons. Now don't get me wrong. Luigi! 10 years ago . Who carries their age better? 11 Antworten. Innovation is one such case. He RUNS IN A SPEED OF AWESOME!!! Four years later, Super Mario Bros. released in Japan, officially introducing the world to both Mario and his bumbling brother Luigi. 3. I'm gonna have to agree with Yunikon on dat. RELATED: 10 Best Sonic The Hedgehog Characters Of All Time, Ranked. Mario or Sonic? This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. I'm a playstation fan, but more so a SNES fan. Lets see i like Mario But i also love Sonic but wich is better theres only one way to find out FIGHT!! The article talks more about the character instead of the game series. End of Story. If you’re looking for the thrill of barrelling around those loops as Sonic, you won’t find quite the same experience in one of Mario’s titles. Because the two franchises are trying to do very different things, and it’s all about particular players’ preferences. 2. The mascot wars turned 25 yesterday. Mario only saves the princess and Sonic did that as well (it was Sonic 06, the worst Sonic game ever, but he still did it) 3. He's gettin' some royal booty. um I love em both...but knuckles is better than sonic and luigi is better than there *sticks tounge out at both game characters* AHHH!!! Does this make either franchise better than the other? Mario wins. Any plot at all? 0 0 0. Perhaps not. On the surface, both series have one very distinctive and iconic villain: Dr. Eggman (Robotnik for the old-school) and the ever-quirky Bowser respectively. Plus I could see mario made into a rated M game LOL, Sonic I couldn't. What was the point of this game?? Relevance. I hope Gamecube will be good, though. in my opinion i like sonic better but i still like mario. Sonic can run at the speed of sound. Who is better sonic or Mario? 3 years ago. Llewlyn. Sonic's games are better, they are not mediocre. Who is better sonic or Mario? 23 posts. Mario or Sonic? recent questions. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Mario or Sonic? I like crash...PLAYSTATION!! Not because its all cutesy and stuff. 1. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. YEA! Both Nintendo's Mario and Sega's Sonic have had illustrious careers, but whose franchise comes out on top overall? Answer this question. No, it isn’t easy trying to pit two of the world’s most beloved gaming franchises of all time against each other. 1. mario cuz he gets high of mushrooms . PinkFan17 a écrit : LuigiDawg a écrit : LarryKoopaFan1968 a écrit : masterdad a écrit : you have to choose between from mario or sonic. He has sat through the Harry Potter movies more times than you have, and he doesn’t care if you disagree. I'm not saying this is a dumb question, but it's like asking someone if apples or oranges or better. With all of that said, though, there are some areas in which it seems unfair to choose one series over the other. They’re consistently solid, quality and quirky platformers, but we’ve seen a little too much of that with the New Super Mario Bros. titles in particular. In Sonic and the Black Knight, we were journeying through the world of King Arthur with a talking sword in tow. 43% 20 votes 57% 26 votes mario got a good adventure. At that stage, though, he was simply named Jumpman, with Donkey Kong serving as the star of the show. On a basic level, both franchises are platformers, but the gameplay differs a lot. Sonic Vs. Mario: Which Franchise Is Better? Sonic, best ever hedgehog! 720 posts. Sonic has way more girlfriends than Mario plus sonic can get to any place in the world at light speed and he looks way more awesome than Mario. The embodiment of Solaris, the sun god, this guy was not to be messed with. vs: Mario, first fictional plumber! Page : 1 2 . Even so, for our money, Mario trumps Sonic, especially in terms of consistency. That’s not a boast that Sonic … The Sonic the Hedgehog games may have made all kinds of missteps, but they certainly did vary the formula plot-wise. Whenever you pick up a Mario game, you know that Bowser’s about to kidnap Peach and you’ll be pursuing the scaly fiend in order to rescue her. Sonic’s name doesn’t carry the same cachet it once did, but perhaps it can again. Save Cancel. On one side there's Mario, Nintendo’s squishy Italian plumber created by the legendary Sigeru Minamoto. Who's better? Who do you think is better, mario or sonic in the history of all games, dont think nintendo or sega think mario and sonic 22 Replies Report. 199 votes. Who is better? NEXT: 10 Craziest Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog. Technically speaking, Sonic the Hedgehog is 15 years old and always has been but, let's face it, it's his 20th anniversary, so he's 20. The Mario Series: The 10 Best-Selling Games Of All Time. Whichever side you allied yourself with back in the day, there’s no denying that Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog are both indelible gaming/pop culture legends. Here’s another controversial pick: the villains of the Sonic universe over the villains of the Mushroom Kingdom. Meanwhile, the Mushroom Kingdom supporting cast, from Luigi to Peach, the Toads, Donkey Kong, Wario and everyone in between, have appeared so often (in their own series too) that they’re also stars. he started the whole thing. Mario vs Sonic The Hedgehog is the ultimate Sega vs Nintendo battle. Repeatedly. 0 0. ichi5lin8. I have to go in favor of Mario. Well I say Mario is cooler in most ways. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Luigi, and don't call him a sidekick, he's the man! Sonic brought us some quality offshoots like Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, but there’s no contest here. Sonic is sort of Sega's rip off of Mario too, and games for me are all about Originality. who is better mario or sonic/ 3,962 Views | 85 Replies. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Souvik. Relevanz . I'm kinda voting for Sonic. 0 0 0.

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