VK MAGAZINE APP Vogue Knitting magazines are available for download onto your iPhone, Kindle and … FWIW, I’m and old fart and I would wear the first pants/skirt to a formal affair because of the weird factor. You just made my day with the Gilbert & Sullivan reference! Vogue 1702 / Claire Shaeffer . I felt very fortunate to have the winning bid, tucked in between airline flights! With a flowing mermaid hem that is 100% controlled by hip gyration, this skirt will be sure to turn heads and catch every surface you walk on. Of course, that did not discourage me from keeping at the important business at hand, i.e. Still laughing my ass off! Member since 1/8/10 Posts: 186. Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic blog) posted something on her blog today about this, and if I remember correctly she listed the phone number she called to get a refund. Of those nearly 1,000 shows, the first 250 or so were “normal”; my colleagues and I … Just say no to drugs and ruffled elbow windows though. Learn how your comment data is processed. I had wondered why I did not get a renewal on this. Will try to find a picture. But you can burn the rest. It’s almost like they’ve been saving the crazy ones and decided to give us a treat to take our minds off the world basically being a dumpster fire otherwise. Vogue 6090; ca. Enjoy a free pattern from 60 Quick Knits for Beginners. Seriously, thanks for sending my first coffee of the day through my nose. Which begs the question, how well are you accentuating your yoni energy? The Spruce / Debbie Colgrove. . I think what kills me is that they bothered to put that little welt breast pocket on the weird cold-elbow bolero. Hopefully COVID stay-at-home time will give them a chance to get their minds right for the next go-round. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You gave me the second greatest giggle this morning right on the heels of Lauren’s. Glad to see you back on the blog . AU $28.50. I like the puffy sleeves, and the color combo is eye-catching. ( Log Out /  The power of Christ compels you! Oh you guys are just mean. It looks like a shark got both her elbows. VOGUE: The cold shoulder has been done. You can purchase single copies for $3.99 or a one-year subscription for $15.99". There are no pants in 1703–that is a skirt. But I can’t see actually buying the pattern and doing those narrow hems, so yeah, it’s a hard pass. I just choked on a bagel which looking at these. But the fall 2016 issue is different. If those were done in the 70's they would have been on a yacht in the Mediterranean making for a great look. Before the mid-19th century, average women sewed their own clothing by hand. The absurd ruffle elbow windows? Yay emails! I saw the email and have been dying for your critique. Watch Video. To participate in the PatternReview.com forums please. Nov 13, 2020 - Explore Oaktrees's board "Sewing Vogue", followed by 971 people on Pinterest. Change ). I'd definitely be keen to make another if the right fabric comes along! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The company was purchased in 1967 by American Can Company and became a subsidiary renamed the Butterick Fashion Marketing Co. Long fitted sleeves and shaped cap sleeves. I just forwarded this to every person I know: those who so and a few who don’t. I’m troubled too by the pants they’ve paired with the cold-elbow top. Actually, I like a lot the candy blouse and the pillow dress (1700 & 1695), I like them way more than the fashion of lantern sleeves, which is huge. In 1961, Butterick licensed the name and trademark Vogue Patterns from Condé Nast Publications, Inc. and purchased its pattern division. Do you think this messy collection is due to the new company owners? My favorite is the green bias dress with the problem lower back – it’s so funny that I almost cried. Yes! Cute dress or whatever, but who is responsible for styling this shoot? Returns & Refunds | That Vagina Monologues 1703 stripe placement is a crime against women. WITH RUFFLES. Brilliant work, 1707 and “nipples in the wrong spot” just made me laugh like a crazy woman! 3 likes. You were spot on with every review. What where they thinking? (And a serious conversation needs to be had with the person who came up with RUFFLED cold elbows.). Surplice closing below collarless shaped neck-line. lladybirdlauren AT gmail DOT com. The 1704 makes me think of Anne of Green Gables’ puffed sleeves. AU $19.36. Here is a Jacques Fath afternoon dress featured in the Spring 1957 issue of Femme Chic along with the Vogue Paris Original pattern #1370 … After this trend the only place to go is ruffled knee windows, because what’s a window without a valance? Vogue Pattern #1370 by Fath & Femme Chic, Spring 1957. late 1940s; One-Piece Dress. I love getting emails! And the stripes in that tiered skirt – so reassuring to see I’m not the only one who cocks up royally. So stupid. Copyright 2021 PatternReview.com, OSATech, Inc. All rights reserved. . Thanks for the laugh, I needed that! I should do the same. I look every single season and I really don’t see anything that warrants being made fun of. This has made me properly laugh. I was going to email Rachel Comey suggesting ass windows with ruffles for that lovely jacket but now you’ve rained on my parade. The far-left magazine Teen Vogue ran a column this week suggesting white people need to go after their racist relatives at the holiday dinner table. I used Vogue pattern 9186 and a beautiful medium weight linen (Hampton Stripe) from Pitt Trading Fabrics in Australia (obviously they ship internationally ;-)). What happened to Vogue 1222? Wishing you well in these tough times. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Posted by Ruth - Nightingale and Dolittle at 16:21. I ... Vogue 8577 is a lovely pattern - yes, it needs a fair amount of fabric, and it's not the quickest project to sew, but the end result is a really pretty dress that feels gorgeous to wear. WHO wants to show off their elbows? .although I am not positive on this point. Vogue 1708 The finest vintage sewing pattern reproductions from the years 1920 through the 1950s! I love this roundup overall. OMG, I thought I was going to spit my tea out when I read, “The power of Christ compels you!” That was freaking fantastic! It finally happened. Off to exfoliate said knees and stitch away the magic. Thanks for the laughs! "Not a print subscriber? . Vogue 1694 / Marcy Tilton All patterns available in 9 sizes from 30" bust to 46" bust. Even lockdown is not making me insane enough to want to make ANY of these. That is really shitty that you didn’t get a head’s up! Vogue 1701 But the majority of their patterns were for the 30 – and – older crowd, showcasing models and fashions which were demure but elegant, feminine but refined. Elbow windows are indeed dumber than shoulder windows, and i didn’t think anything could be dumber than shoulder windows. It was like watching a train wreck in a slide presentation. In 1983 Butterick's management group headed by Bill Wilson … Posted on: 3/27/11 6:19 AM . I read that as "don't hold your breath". Take for example those tacky nautical outfits in the latest issue. It’s a strange fabric choice but TBH I kind of like it. Science has found to way to breed pants with skirts and created this hybrid monstrosity. I have not been a fan of Vogue Knitting. I wouldn’t wear it but I like looking at it. I had Dorothy Hamill hair at the time. Same! Thanks foe the best laugh of the day! I have a year to go on my subscription. WHY!? The ruffled Elbow windows are also “a stroke of genius”, You had me with the “dumpster fire” by the time I got to 1704’s button placement I was in full belly laugh mode (by the way, WTF are those pants? ) Ha! Who wears the cut up to here/down to there/backless garments? † THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! Oh the ‘cold elbow’ shot at the end made me spit out my morning tea! About | Well done, Lauren! Vogue 1419 is a pattern for a skirt, high-waisted pants, and a jacket with exposed zippers and Lars’ signature, waist-defining tie-front: Vogue 1419 by Byron Lars (1994) Image: eBay. 1273 - Badgley Mischka . Last year I put in a 2 year subscription and sent a question about how they would they handle that. I am drawn to the raglan sleeve, but I think the style lines may end up being a bit too "modern" for me. ROFL for the first time in a long time. I bought this pattern in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s, so although it’s a pattern designed by Vogue to fit vintage Skooter, vintage Skipper, vintage Barbie and/or vintage Midge, I purchased it with the intention of making vintage Barbie clothes only. So, lots of bang for your buck. I liked the tee in 1705 but not the skirt. Skirt has a draped overskirt in front and a back panel and it joins the bodice at waist-line. Good Lord! Love this!! I know a few health care professionals who would probably really love the set. I will say I’m digging the pant skirt hybrid – it has an old hollywood feel to me. Before we get into it – I want to address the question that I get asked all the time, which is why I don’t write these reviews anymore. The “cold elbows” jacket, the “four nipples” vest, the “built-in apron” dress – so much weirdness! On … Favorite quote ” it looks like God put her nipples in the wrong place…” I can’t breathe … Great review! I once saw a blazer with the cold elbow cutouts. No one told me to stop posting. My elbows are not that great and why call attention to them at all? pattern collecting. My tablet doesn't always cooperate with me on that, Folkwear South Asian Tops & Wraps Paper Pattern, Victoria Jones Collection Men's Hawaiian Aloha Shirt. Ya gotta give us that, right? 1710 The conversation went like: this someone said: “cold shoulders are over” someone responded: “let’s move them somewhere else. It finally happened. I really liked their how-to articles, especially Katheryn Brenne's. It's a simple sleeveless, fitted, slightly A-line dress that can easily work layered upon. I cannot even tell you how long I’ve spent laughing at this. What Happened to Vogue Knitting? ( Log Out /  Vogue Sewing Pattern 9123 Misses Collarless Jacket Dress Size 6-14 Uncut. . I have not had such a good laugh in a long time! Bonus – the bow doubles as a pillow! This post made the fu&!ery that is this release tolerable. Vogue 1703 Lots of boring and meh stuff for sure, but none of the crazy WTF-were-y’all-thinking shit that we used to see in their catalogues. If you want to create something truly inspirational and impressive Vogue patterns are a great place to start. I have to agree elbow windows was the most hideous. Thanks for adding those links. Very similar to a knit RTW dress I already own. In the future I can just hear it, “Whoever coined/captured that term?”. Categories DIY, Dresses, Vogue Patterns Tags Caftan Dress, Pattern Hack, Vogue 1473 62 Comments Valentine’s Day 2017 – Red Dress – Vogue … Posted by Henry at 11:49 AM No comments: Email This BlogThis! Who wants to emphasize the skin on the back of their elbows? What’s next? And shout out for the idea of adding googly eyes in the elbow windows! Thank you for this awesome post!! Ok, Angelina. Don't know what happened to the photo? I could not have worn those things to work in my former office life, and I would not wear them to church either. One of the least attractive areas of the body and Vogue highlights them? Let’s take a look! Ya still got it and ya dish it out better every year!! Ooooh y’all looks like we’ve been blessed with a lil’ treat this month – new Vogue Patterns are out and they are something else. I hated cold shoulders so I’m not going to love elbow windows! . I so totally needed this! Why?! Why are the elbows out? Brilliant. Learn Pattern Making in Minutes. Laughing hysterically at the thought of this. I’m not holding out to be mean. Must have been a helluva trip. I don’t hate the pattern, I just want to talk shit about the stripe placement. “Introducing Byron Lars: Shape and Spirit,” Vogue Patterns, July/August 1994. Photos: Torkil Gudnason. I clicked through all the new releases with this HORRIFIED look on my face. Why the ruffles? Most could be made better with different fabric choices (1701) and ditch those buttons on 1707, and 1708 is the infinity dress with pants. And some of the patterns have been downright ridiculous! They definitely sent out a bunch of communication when they discontinued the magazine… it was all over social media and I know plenty of people who did get email notifications. If you can, pick up a copy of a Vogue Patterns Magazine from the 70's. Whahaha, love this. But have we gone too far? Thank you so much! Vogue Pattern Book Magazine contained the occasional feature on young girls and college girls, and Vogue even had a pattern series called Young Fashionables. Vogue 1704 / Rachel Comey Literally sitting here laughing so stupidly out loud! You hero ❤️, Tired of your hip bones playing second fiddle to you waist? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Contact Us | Science has found to way to breed pants with skirts and created this hybrid monstrosity. Keeps me laughing for days. I'm really bummed about Vogue Patterns -- it's my favorite sewing magazine and I've been subscribing for years (and wrote a couple of articles for it -- one was supposed to come out in an upcoming issue; not sure what the deal is now, as no one from the company has contacted me). ... Calvin Klein licensed his name to Vogue patterns a bunch throughout the 80s and 90s, occasionally offering a jeans pattern. So much to love and giggle at. Thank You! We are in almost 100% agreement on these, except you said it funnier. What happened to plus-size? Oh that’s weird! Vogue Sewing Pattern 2002 Misses Dress Tunic Top Skirt Size 10 Cut Vintage. I think the post was by Ann of Gorgeous Fabrics. , I totally agree with you! Kwik Sew . Some people are super into these big sleeves right now and look great in them. Wow, I have back issues from this from 1975 and have been a consistent subscriber. AU $25.52. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. You gave me a preciously needed good giggle . I actually loved your idea re 1706 for stylish scrubs. shipping: + AU $7.95 shipping . I have always considered the “cold shoulder” windows the epitome of ridiculosity … but now mine eyes hath seen “cold elbow” windows. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They missed a trick pairing 1700 with 1703….